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Letajici Liza

Dear all,

we would like to share with you the lovely art work that our little students created for the very exciting project entitled ‘Letajici Liza’.

To view the art work please go to the Gallery on our school website

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This project was organised by the Czech School without Boarders in Paris (please read more about this project on the ‘Czech School without Boarders’ website

The children in the Czech/Slovak schools around the world (Paris, London, Munich, Berlin, Brussels and now Sydney) write into Liza’s diary about their experience in the Czech/Slovak schools and the cities in which they live.

Our students from the Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary classes introduced ‘Liza’ to Australia with a focus on Sydney and created many lovely pictures for her diary before she ‘boarded her plane’ again and flew to visit another Czech/Slovak school, this time in Munich.

Our students together with our principal also presented this project to the listeners of SBS radio:.

1. “Létající Líza dorazila do Sydney, děti jí vyprávějí své příběhy” – “Vyprava s mikrofonem za dětmi a paní učitelkou Monikou Balvínovoui, abychom zjistili, co do putovní knížky napsaly a nakreslily.” listens-to-the-stories-about-Australia .

2. “Létající Líza na cestě z Baltimoru do Sydney” – “Ředitelka České a slovenské školy v Sydney Lenka Kaňová vysvětluje projekt České šoly bez hranic v Paříži o Létající Líze, která je na cestě z Baltimoru v USA do Sydney” .

Thank you to all students and their teachers who participated in this project and added their colourful creations to Liza’s diary.

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