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Premiers Harmony Dinner – 2014

Once again, the Czech and Slovak School of Sydney was invited by Albert Vella (President of the New South Wales Federation of Community Language Schools) to the Premiers Harmony Dinner. This year\’s event hosted just over 1,000 guests.

The NSW Federation of Community Languages had organised 25 tables with 255 people from 41 language groups. This was an outstanding achievement and enforces the importance of Community Languages. In total there were over 61 schools / organisations at the event.

It was our privilege to attend such an event on behalf of the Czech and Slovak School of Sydney. I would especially like to thank our student Natalia Benc who sang with the Federation choir the Australian National Anthem in front of such a large audience!

Katerina Larbalestier

A letter from Mr. Vella

14 April 2014

Dear Czech & Slovak School,

I am writing to your school / organisation to thank you for supporting the NSW Federation of Community Languages by attending the 2014 Premiers Harmony Dinner.

This year’s Premiers Harmony Dinner was an outstanding success for a number of reasons but primarily it was due to the huge attendance of the numerous members of the Federation and language groups that made us stand out at this very important multicultural event.

The Czech & Slovak School was one of the 61 schools/ organisations that made the effort to come to Rosehill. Our group was by far the biggest group to attend, we managed to organise 25 tables with 255 people from 41 language groups. As well as the Federation’s choir which was very popular

.Many of the VIPs commented to me personally on the tremendous effort of the community language schools that came in such large numbers. Minister Dominello, the Chair of the Community Relations Commission _ Vic Alhadeff and others were amazed by the size of our group and the diversity of the languages attending. There were just over 1000 attendees on the night and we can proudly say that we organised one quarter of those attendees.

Please remember if we all came as small individual groups there wouldn’t have been the recognition that we deserve. When we meet with the government in the near future to discuss next year’s state election and the needs and requirements of the community language schools your attendance at the Premier’s Harmony Dinner put us in a much better position and the attendance at the dinner will be mentioned.

The Premiers Harmony Dinner was our opportunity to lobby in a positive atmosphere and the presence of your school put us in a more positive position to achieve some positive outcomes.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for your time and effort, thank the choir for their tremendous singing and staff who helped organise our group.Also remember it is an election year, so plan your school diary of school events and arrange for the local state Member of Parliament to come to visit your school in the third or fourth terms. Usually a morning tea with families and friends of your school or they can attend the end of year presentation day these are both good occasions to invite the local Member of Parliament.

I look forward to meet with you in the near future

Kind Regards

Albert Vella

President – NSWFCLS

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